A Bet Against the Public – Sports Betting Tips

When you play sports betting, you would naturally want to win. You could pick the winning team or the crowd favorite, of course, and in doing so, you are assured some winnings if the team you picked does win. However, there is one strategy that could give you more earnings, albeit a higher risk, and this is to bet against the public.


What is betting against the public?

In a nutshell, betting against the public simply means placing your bet not on the crowd favorite or who the majority of the betting sports fan think is going to win, but on the opposing team, the team the general betting public thinks is going to lose. It is not that hard to distinguish who the “losing” team is as they have the least percentage of bets across the different online sports betting sites.

Now, this strategy is very hard to do particularly since it poses a higher risk. After all, not many people want to risk their money by betting on the public’s least favorite team.


Why is it profitable?

Let us say for example that Team A and Team B are playing against each other, and let us also say for example that they are very much similar to each other. Majority of the general sports fans are betting on Team A, maybe because they have a slightly higher win rate or they are more popular than Team B. However, Team B is playing at home. Now, because Team B is playing at home, they could just as easily become the crowd favorite, but because everybody likes Team A more, then Team A is going to receive most of the bets of the sports fans.

There is one thing though that the crowd did not take into consideration, and that is the fact that Team B is playing at home. This will give them an edge over Team A. After all, no team wants to be beaten on their own home, so they are going to do their best to beat the visiting team.

With Team A receiving most of the bets and the sportsbooks not wanting to be out of business, they then offer more to those who bet on the crowd’s least favorite to reduce their own risk. What you can do is to bet against the public, and if your team won, then you are assured of a bigger winning.

However, you should know that this is not a foolproof strategy of winning more, but you should also study a lot of factors before placing your bet. After all, an informed decision is still the best strategy to sports betting.